Voice based feedback

and critique - for everyone.

Collaborate with Context.

Watch our video to learn how we help designers and non designers communicate better.

Capture Your Ideas

Context has an iOS app for photos of your sketches and a Mac app for taking screen shots of your digital designs. Capture your work, as you work.

Use Your Voice

Our voice clip feedback means no more confusion from text-based critique. You can understand exactly what was said, and how it was meant.

Signup Like Magic

One click Sign-in with Slack. Your team can then automatically download and sign into Context. You have got to try it. It really is like Magic.

Designed for your tools, your process, you.

Built purely for feedback

All of your critique organised and synched online. With our Slack integration and notifications, no one misses a thing. Our visual annotations can be filtered by user, too.

Loves all design tools

iOS for sketches, Mac App for digital design capture. We even have a file drop feature so that you can get feedback every step of your design process - regardless of the design software you prefer.

Context is designed for simple, quick, and natural critique. It's the kind of tool that could really make a difference in how design is done.
Joel CalifaProduct Design Lead, Digital Ocean